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What to do if your REP leaves the market?

If your Retail Electric Provider (REP) is no longer operating in Texas, Texas law requires another REP to step in and “keep the lights on” for a period of time so that you can either enter into a contract with that REP or choose another REP. This service is called the Provider of Last Resort (POLR). POLR service is designed as a safety net - ensuring continuous electric service if a provider leaves the market. POLR service can be relatively high-priced due to planning costs and uncertainty in the number of customers and the amount of electricity the REP will be using at any given time.

What Customers Can Expect:

• A new provider is now    responsible for providing   service to you.
• You will receive a post-card   from the ERCOT with important information.
• You may receive phone calls or emails regarding this    change in service.
• You will receive an important notice in the mail from your   new provider, the POLR. POLRs designated by the PUCT.   
• Any customer who receives notice that they are on a POLR   rate should read the notice immediately and carefully, then   contact that REP to make payment for the service that the   REP has provided since their REP exited the market. 
• The rate offered by the POLR can be much higher than    standard retail offers and can be tied to wholesale energy costs. POLRs may offer customers alternative rate pack-  ages, so customers should ask their POLR about such offers.
• You may switch to a different REP free of charge if you do   not want to stay with the POLR that is assigned to provide   service to you, for up to 60 days.
• If you are a low-income customer, you are eligible for deposit assistance. You will need to inform your new REP that you are currently enrolled in the state low-income   program to receive the assistance.
• The PUC requires that REPs that leave the market return  any unused portion of a deposit to a switched customer within seven calendar days after a meter read. A POLR can also require a deposit from a customer.

.POLR customers can also ask the REP providing their POLR service for other available plans.